We buy/Lease and sell/Lease aircraft of all types, with a main focus on twin piston and twin turbin props and Jets.

Below are the aircraft we currently have for Sale/Lease. With our success to date being based on a direct contact with the seller and potential buyers, and a strong commitment to client confidentiality, we only provide the basic information on this site. For further information around the aircraft below, please call or email us


Vulcanair P68C & P68TC, P68C Observer P68TC Observer, Viator, Vr.

It´s time to order New Vulcanair 2024

Single Aircraft

Cessna 182, 2004 TTAF 12500H, New E & P, on Rec.

Piper Malibu, 1992 TTAF 5800H, E & P New O/H, 180.000USD 

Cessna 206H, 2001 TTAF 4870H, New E & P O/H 2023  SOLD !

Twin Aircraft

Vulcan Air P68C, 1999, TTAF 6800H, SOLD

Piper Seneca P34-220T, 2014 4600H SOLD

JET Aircraft

2 A319, ACMI,EASA OWNER, Leased until 1 November 2024

1 B737/800, ACMI, EASA OWNER Leased until 30 October 2024.

2 B737/800, ACMI,, EASA, Leased until 1 Dec. 2024.

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